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We combine the best elements of a business incubator, a venture capital investor and a global publisher in order to support the growth of startup video game studios and mobile tech companies worldwide.
With strong ties to Asia, and Japan in particular, our goal is to bridge the East-West divide while nurturing global innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Our Partners

Senior Adviser

Keiji Inafune - CEO of COMCEPT

One of the leading lights in the Japanese video game industry, Keiji started his career at Capcom as a producer/illustrator helping to create hit titles such as Rockman (Megaman), Dead Rising, Street Fighter and many more. After becoming head of Research & Development, as well as Online Business and Global Head of Production at Capcom, he decided to leave in 2010 to start his own company, COMCEPT, creating further titles such as Soul Sacrifice, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden and the forthcoming Mighty No. 9.
A huge supporter of the Indie scene in Japan, Keiji believes it is the up and coming independent game creators who will inspire the next revolution of gaming and that, with the right support, Japanese Indies will be at the forefront of this new wave.

Marketing Ninjas

You have created the next big thing... now if only users could be told about it. Allow our team of experts to give your product its due and help it rise above the masses ... Don't ever be just a flash in the pan.

Localisation Gurus

Yes its a small world out there, but it is not a homogeneous one. Make sure you speak to users in their own language. Bridge the gap between cultures to provide the best experience to all.

Build a dynasty

Build an empire which stands the test of time. Make sure you understand your citizens needs. Acquire, retain and never again be in the dark about user behaviour with our arsenal of analytics.

Its about People

Whether a designer, an artist, a sound engineer or an end-user, in the end it all comes down to people. Leverage our extensive ecosystem to source the talent you need, when you need them the most.

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Our team spans the globe with locations in Dublin, San Francisco, Singapore and Tokyo.

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Contact Us

We are a small but dedicated team and we love talking about games, mobile and technology in general.

If you don`t hear from us right away its not because we are ignoring you....promise.